Return & Refund Policy

Please read carefully.

Return and Refund

General Requirements for Return

  • It should be reported within 24 hours from the receipt of the items.
  • Completely filled-out Item Request Form.
  • Proof of purchase (scanned copy of Sales Invoice and supporting photos and videos)


Reasons for Return

Reason: Damaged/Expired
Description: The product is damaged or expired upon receipt

Reason: Incorrect/wrong item
Description: Not the product the customer ordered (e.g. wrong variant or incorrect product)

Reason: Missing item
Description: Customer receipt quantity is lacking

Item Not Eligible for Return

  • Damaged Item is due to mishandling of customer
  • Damaged Item is due to mishandling of courier
  • Change of mind

Return Process

Accomplish Item Return Form

  • The customer shall initiate return by calling the Online Store Admin Hotline, within 24 hours upon receipt of the items.
  • Online Store admin to advise customer to download the Item Return Form from the Online Store website.
  • The customer shall completely fill-out the Item Return Form with the following set of information: sales invoice no., SKU and description of item being returned, reason for return, etc.)
  • Customer to email the duly-accomplished Item Return Form to, together with the supporting documents (such as photos and videos, if any)
  • Online Store Admin to acknowledge receipt of the Item Return Form/Supporting documents and forward to SOI-Warehouse QA for evaluation.


Evaluation Process

  • This should be completed within 3-5 business days upon the receipt of the Item Return Form. Customer should be notified of the result of the evaluation (i.e. if return is approved or disapproved) thru email once this is completed.
  • SOI-WH QA to investigate validity of the complaint.
  • SOI-WH QA to indicate in the Item Return Form the Warehouse Recommendation and sign on the “Validated By” portion of the form.
    Warehouse Recommendation will either be one of the following:
    • Charge to Trucker
    • Charge to Warehouse
    • Claim to Principal
    • Customer-related
  • SOI-WH QA to endorse the Item Return Form and supporting documents to either Warehouse Sup or WH Manager for review.
  • Once WH Sup or WH Manager has signed the Item Return Form, SOI-WH QA to email the scanned copy of the form to Online Store Admin.
  • Online Store Admin to endorse the Item Return Form to Trade Marketing Manager for the Final Recommendation. Trade Marketing Manager to sign on the ‘Recommended By’ portion of the form and endorse to TM Head for approval.

    Final Recommendation will either be one of the following:

    • Replace
    • Refund
    • Others
  • Once the ITR has been approved, OSA to notify customer thru email regarding the evaluation result. 


If customer decision is to Refund, below will be the steps:
For customer refund with bank OTC/online transfer, Online Store Admin to follow standard procedures indicated on 2P Document No. PRF0030, “Disbursement Procedure”.

Note: Fees/charges will apply for refunds deposited to non-BDO accounts.